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 170ml (BOTTLED) *


is a fragrant and creamy red curry. Often served with rice or rice noddles. Can be made with any combination of meat or poultry..

Coconut cream 69.26%
Curry paste 17.31%
Chilli 2.16%
Sweet basil 2.16%
Salt 1.29%
Sugar 6.49%
Lime leaves 1.29%


150g chicken (beef or grilled duck)

250g water (coconut milk or milk)

100g thai aubergines or bamboo shoots (sliced into 4 equal pieces) if cooking with duck, use small tomatoes or bamboo shoots

thai basil leaves and kaffir lime leaves to garnish

In a pot, pour the gaeng daeng sauce and stir together with the chicken (beef or grilled duck) till cooked. Then add water (coconut milk or milk). Use medium light. Add aubergines, thai basil and kaffir lime leaves. Simmer till cokked. Serve with Khun Perm's Ready-to-eat rice.





* Other packaging and sizes are available i.e., retort touches



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