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 170ml (BOTTLED) *


is a typical southern curry, hot and fragrant, and use indian spices. The use of kaffir leaves however, is distinctly Thai.


Coconut cream 49.07%
Curry paste 42.94%
Chilli 1.53%
Lime leaves 0.92%
Salt 0.92%
Sugar 4.6%


300g prawns (chicken or beef sirloin)

170g water (coconut milk or milk)

20g kaffir lime leaves (chopped) to garnish

In a pot, pour the gaeng panaeng sauce. Add water (coconut milk or milk) and stir together with the prawns (chicken or beef). Stir till cooked.  Serve with Khun Perm's Ready-to-eat rice or can be made into a sandwish




* Other packaging and sizes are available i.e., retort touches

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